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The House and Tavern are under the sale in Cyprus!
The House and Tavern are under the sale in Cyprus!
The House and Tavern are under the sale in Cyprus! Продажа дома и таверны на Кипре (действующий бизнес).
This is a beautiful place in Troodos Mountains in Cyprus. The restaurant (tavern) is located directly on the road connecting the Troodos Mountains and Paphos. Restaurant S = 500m2 House S = 200 m2 It's a great Investment Object!

В октябре 2016 года компания Назаров и Партнеры открыла Представительство на Кипре в городе Пафос. Было принято решение, что совладелец компании Елена Михайлова возглавит Представительство и будет проживать на Кипре. Изучать страну, греческий язык, традиции, рынок недвижимости и налаживать бизнес контакты. С этого момента в сегменте зарубежной недвижимости компании Назаров и Партнеры наступил переломный момент. Основным направлением стал Кипр - недвижимость, инвестиции, маркетинг недвижимости, консалтинг. Также было принято решении об активном осознанном развития направления недвижимости за границей.

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The landscape is very picturesque. In Winter there is a plenty of green colors, in Spring- a lot of flowers! There is no snow exactly in this place. The snow is just is the mountains from December till March.
Winter season is so beautiful - everything is green! Behind this volcanic hill you can see some ancient excavation place aging more then 10 000 years old. You can see also a small hous over there - it is an ancient church!
Cuisine is fantastic: menu in Russian, English and Greek languages.
Visitors come specially to this place ti enjoy the meal and relax.
We have just finished the lunch. It is close to evening but the weather is hot still and the sun is shining although it is the end of October! We enjoyed so much with the very tasty meal and a very hospitable treatment of us! We were gifted with a very big fruit ( you can see it in my hands)! Every Sunday you can hear a Live Music here and the owners would like to treat more Russian people here for dancing and karaoke singing as well as the various guests from any country ! We agree with them - Our impressions are perfect and fabulous! PS: you probably could see some small fences over there - so, the fences protect from wild goats!
If you are not in a hectic hurry, if you make your mind to change your life style and stat living some other new healthy life in Paphos... this place is for YOU! Enjoy your Life! Enjoy your Time and Be your most amazing self here in Cyprus developing this restaurant business and work work at your pleasure! This offer is very good for those who are interested in European Citizenship ( EU Passport).
Please do not hesitate and DO contact to Elena Mikhaylova at any time from any place!

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Обращаться на Кипре: Михайлова Елена +357 99 050990 mihailova@nazarov-partners.com
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